Web Performance

Tonya Holcomb has been a staple in the holistic space for years helping mothers be the best they can be for their family.

I’ve had the privilege to partner with Tonya and her team for years now, and when it was mentioned that their Kajabi website was running slower than normal, after quickly looking into the source code, it was obvious some tweaks needed to happen.

After preloading or lazy loading a number of images and resources being loaded on the page, there was a night and day difference in overall load speed on the website.

Kajabi’s technical documentation was very much lacking for me to gain an understanding of how dynamic features work throughout the theme, so there was an absolute learning curve.

But I figured it out, and sped up the overall site performance, making the website a better experience for all web users moving forward. And I continue to monitor the site throughout changing content and marketing campaigns on the website.

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