Old Website Restored

Miami Preconstruction was an untouchable project.

I quickly learned that several agencies and hosting providers didn’t want to touch this website because at first glance the website was COMPLETELY messed up.

Worst part was the client had given me zero direction on what it was supposed to look like, specific guide lines for how to update moving forward – it was probably one of the bigger challenges I have taken on in a while.

BUT… I took on the project because I wanted to prove that I could:

  • Restore a website that I’ve never even seen before
  • Recreate a website I had no reference of
  • Do what no one else was willing to do

And I did restore the website after removing and re-adding plugins, restoring the custom theme that was deactivated, and battling several PHP errors when migrating the server to PHP version 8.

The result is a beautiful display of high-end Miami real estate showcased in it’s original that their clients were used to navigating.

Client's website
Miami Preconstruction