Website Redesign & Migration

Jen Meyer provides amazing counseling services for individuals and couples going through divorce, marital issues, and overall life issues.

Jen had a website she created herself years ago, and over time things were just added and piled on top of each other in an attempt to continue to effectively serve her clients online.

A wholistic perspective and re-design of the website was much needed in order to provide the same amount of value the previous website provided, but deliver the information to the end user in a more digestible manor.

This was a WordPress-to-WordPress migration on 2 different hosting servers. While migrating data from one website to the either, this was also an effective purging process of old content that has sat on the old server for a while not being fully utilized and just took up space.

End result was an effectively designed and laid out WordPress website that continues to serve Jen’s clients every day.

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