About me

Hey, I'm Jake.
I have built my career on WordPress.

The web has always been my playground, where I consistently overcome challenges. I’ve carefully chosen a network of brilliant minds to deliver serious results for enterprise businesses. With experience collaborating with 20 different agencies throughout my career, I specifically understand client expectations and agency dynamics. At the end of the day, I’m equipped to navigate seamlessly between client needs and agency operations.

About Jake Schaap WordPress expert

What i do

I go beyond the drag-and-drop tools. I use code as a tool to accomplish business needs.

A website must load fast, and I know the levers to pull and actions to take to make sure attention is retained.

I connect relevant and quality web content to specific search terms in search engines.

Analytics remove assumptions about how people interact on your website.

Jake Schaap is about solving problems using WordPress as his tool of choice to make stable and performant websites

I am a problem solver, and WordPress is what I use to solve businesses problems with. Nothing is too challenging to accomplish, it's just a matter of time. If you're an agency owner, I just want you to know I've got your back.