Full Website Build

I got the opportunity to partner with Falls & Co. agency located in Cleveland, OH to bring ParkOhio into the latest web technologies and design with their new custom Hubspot website.

Templates, styling, and investor relation 3rd party integrations all developed using best practices for Hubspot page settings and re-usable components.

While the majority of the content of these pages were easily built with the out-of-the-box Hubspot page builder, several components throughout the site required custom hubl mark-up to get the job done, such as carousels or custom subtle animations.

A feature I am particularly proud of with this project is the job listing page where I built dynamic pages for each job post stored in a HubDB table, pagination and filter logic capabilities for the job listing table.

Launch of the website was no easy task either. Falls and I had to coordinate DNS updates with investor reporting and other ParkOhio campaigns, but we finally got it done.


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