Website Support & Local SEO

Papi’s Grill is a staple in the Atlanta, GA area for authentic Cuban cuisine, with multiple locations and a business continuing to go to new heights.

I inherited this WordPress website from an agency partner who was no longer able to support Papi’s and their continual needs to build and scale online along with business growth.

I first established a baseline with Papi’s Grill – what existing tech stack do you have? How does your local SEO look? Are there some quick wins we can get with on-page SEO or Google Business Profile updates?

Once I got all the little behind-the-scenes elements in place for their website, I continued to partner with Papi’s owner to make sure all online marketing channels and the website are all sharing the same message to the end user, and that there is no inconsistencies throughout all online channels.

The result is a tightened up WordPress website that continues to serve it’s daily restaurant go-ers.

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