Hey, I'm Jake.

I live in sunny Charlotte, NC with my wife and dog. Not a day goes by that I'm not developing something for the web. What I've learned over the past almost decade of developing and business is less is more.

You don't need to have all the bells and whistles, technical toys, or major pillars of an organization in order for you to generate a consistent income.

Once you surround yourself with the right network of people, and start closing a few deals, you can then start to put a number of systems in place that allow you to make as much income as you need, and more.

A little bit about me...

All my life I thought I was gonna either be a rock star or do something in the music industry.

I actually have a Bachelor degree in music business, but quickly realized that unless I moved to somewhere like California or Tennessee where the music scene is always booming I didn't have much of a chance of making decent money. I grew up in Syracuse, NY where the closest thing I found to being in the music industry was creating radio spots for one of the local stations.

I started looking for alternatives to pursue a career in (after feeling like I just wasted 4 years in college) and I stumbled upon computer networking. After a couple classes I quickly realized I enjoyed the programming side of things. It was like a puzzle or a problem to solve, and I definitely enjoy solving problems.

Right around this time I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, ulcerative colitis. Being 22-ish years old, and the doctor telling me I am sick with no cure literally sucked the life out of me - like the floor dropped out from under me. And for a long time I felt hopeless.

Over time I found more encouraging doctors with even more drugs to try me on, but nothing seemed to get me back to remission. Through different networks I was involved I got connected with a mentor which taught me everything there was to know about operating an online business.

It took me a few years to realize that I may not be able to change what illness I have, but I felt that the one life I have on this earth needs to be mean something. I not only had to make this web development thing work, but I was also the main source of income for my family. Kind of a stressful situation...

I had somewhat of a drive, but I was still weak, tired, and not able to live up to my full potential. I decided to remove my colon to completely remove the colitis. Looking back on my 8-year struggle with colitis, one of the few things I can honestly say that kept me strong was operating my business even though my circumstances were against me.

Making things happen

I understand what it's like to be hopeless; to be chronically ill; to not want to get out of bed; to see small things like climbing the stairs as a legitimate obstacle.

I believe there should be better ways for people with autoimmune diseases to make consistent income.

It is absolutely my passion to help guide people through all the noise out there, and find your specific business solution. Like I said above, LESS IS MORE. Let me help you find that simple income solution that's right for you.

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